His name is Carron Lamar Pinkins, Esq., he is a candidate for the Michigan State Representative representing Detroit’s third voting district. He is a father of four children and married. He was born and raised in the city of Detroit, graduated from Wayne State University and worked as Senior Aide to Detroit City Councilman Clyde Cleveland. He left the City in 1999 to pursue his legal education and after attending Seton Hall University Law School, he relocated to Massachusetts where he completed his law school training and went to work as a public defender defending those who could not afford and did not have access to private legal representation. He practiced law for seven years as a trial attorney and general practitioner in Massachusetts. Four years ago he returned to Detroit.

    He returned to Detroit because he got tired and frustrated of hearing all of the negativity that was emanating from his city. He realized that if he did not come back to work on the solution then he too was part of the problem. After moving back to Detroit, he immediately went to work mentoring young men on the values of getting an education, developing career goals, and respecting themselves and others. He founded the non-profit organization entitled: The Organization to Save our Communities, Save our Streets, and Restore Peace, to address some of the problems with the city’s vacant homes and buildings in an attempt to try and clean and board them up so that they would not continue to pose a danger to our communities from drugs and gang activities. In addition, he has worked with the Fair Housing Center of Michigan in an ongoing effort to eradicate any and all discriminatory practices with respect to housing sales, rental, and in various other discriminatory practices experienced in the public sector after obtaining his Michigan law license in 2010; he has worked tirelessly in setting up a pro bono program to assist parents, whose children attend Detroit public schools, in having felonies expunged from their records in an attempt to make them more inviting to potential employers and to obtain certain benefits that they would not otherwise receive with a felony on their records. However, he realized that to bring about the real change that the city needs must come from a higher level. Therefore, he decided to run for the Michigan State House to represent the 4th District.

    With Detroit's problems of crime, joblessness and lack of basic amenities, such as retail chain stores and chain supermarkets; he feels that City Council is where he can address these problems. He would work to allocate resources so that the city could train and hire code enforcers to force businesses and property owners to clean up and maintain their properties or face hefty fines, loss of license and/or even imprisonment as is routinely done in other cities; work to make the city safe by allocating more resources to hire and train more police and fire fighters, and work to increase their wages so that they make income that is consistent with today’s inflation and cost of living; locate and work with developers to build affordable housing in the district for middle and lower income families which would attract residents back to the city; work to shore up the city’s parks, infrastructure and community development that would make Detroit attractive again to residents who have left the city and for new residents looking to relocate to the city; and work to develop tax incentives for businesses who relocate their businesses to the city thereby creating jobs, and increased revenue for the city, for Detroiters right here in the city making it so people would not have to travel to the suburbs to find work.

    To get this done he needs your help. He is asking for your vote on August 6, 2013. Together he and the citizens of the second district can change Detroit, change the future and restore the dignity and respect to our city. The time is now. The city cannot wait any longer!